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Post  Admin on Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:34 am

If you're having trouble finding out about all the features in this forum, look no further. Here's the list of all the features you that aren't implemented on every forum site... some you may be familiar with, and some not.

(Unfortunately it looks like the images I've uploaded here are a little too big on some computers with different resolutions. If you can't view them, right click, open image in new tab for the full view.)


Yes, some of you may be surprised to know we have a chatbox. Please don't abuse the privilege or you could find yourself banned from the chatbox. It's located at the bottom of the homepage, and you have the option to log in or log out of it. So if you want to use the chatbox, it's a nice little chatroom, and if you don't, it's not even in your way when you navigate through the site.

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Directional Arrows

What are those little tiny arrows for? Are they like "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" or navigate through the posts? No, not quite. The arrows pointing left and right navigate you through threads while the up and down arrows bring you to the very top of the page or the very bottom. Nice convenience.


See that little green bar there? I think you know what used to be there. Something with a plus, a large dash, and then a little minus sign used to be there, right? Well, that green bar right there signifies that someone liked her post and voted a plus sign for her which adds +1 point to her reputation count. The "+" sign adds to reputation count and the "-" sign takes away from reputation count. The "THANKS" button you see on posts also adds to reputation counts. Like someone's post a lot? Give them a "+" and a "THANKS".

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Rankings is the system where users gain titles depending on the amount of posts they make. Of course, as the admin, mine was the same from the beginning, but I'm not saying that's a great thing, as there's fun titles in our ranking system that I'd love to have (seeing as I made them). As you can see here, there's "The New Kid", the default title for every member the minute they sign up. For the lower user, you see that they're a "Junior Member" and there's a little image signifying that. From posts seventy and higher, all titles come with an image. Of course, I'm not going to tell you what the titles are. That's for you to find out yourself.

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Preferences are definitely not anything different than any other forum site, unlike what I've listed above. However, most of us are probably used to going to "Account Settings" or "User CP" or "Control Panel" to customize our accounts, but that's not the same here. To do your changes, you will need to go to "Profile." Yes, I know that's slightly misleading as one would think it would take you to your actual profile, but it doesn't. And from there, you can make your changes to your private information, public information, avatar, signature, topics you subscribe to, favourites, and perhaps, you know if you ever want to, invite some of your Facebook friends to the Geek Retreat.

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