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Welcome to Geek Retreat!  Updated: 09/21/11 Empty Welcome to Geek Retreat! Updated: 09/21/11

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:07 am

It's wonderful to have you here. But before you start posting, there are just a few things you got to know first, and really, these are easy things that anyone can abide by and it'll only take you a minute to read.

We want everyone to enjoy their experience on this forum, so please use common sense; be respectful to everyone's opinions (don't flame), use your best grammar (at least spell things correctly), do not spam (so no meaningless posts like "lolololololololol" or "monkeys" or "add meeee", please post replies or threads that have a valuable point that pertain to the thread's topic and/or current discussion of the thread), and do not provide private information about yourself (such as your home number) or reveal your password to anyone.

And keep it PG guys. Or at least warn about more mature content in the title or the first sentence of your thread. Any unexpected mature content in seemingly completely appropriate threads will be removed. So a simple, "If you aren't comfortable with more mature content or can't act like an adult when talking about ________, this is your warning" would be good in an introduction to a more mature thread.

Also, please warn about spoilers in the titles of threads. No one likes to run into information they don't want. When warning about spoilers, so it like so: *SPOILERS*. And press enter a few times to define your thread's topic or your reply from the warning.

Such that was stated above were extremely simple guidelines and most people know them without reading this, but some people don't and end up causing some stress on the internet, so while I don't believe I need to tell any of you this... I'm writing this to be clear.

Anyone who breaks the guidelines could have their reply/thread removed, they can receive a warning, or even a ban. Of course, this isn't anything against you, yourself, but if you're disrupting the enjoyment of any other user's experience, there is a chance you might have to be warned, or even banned.

But despite all the strict text there, this is a fairly relaxed place to be and all these rules can be followed without even trying. So, welcome new user, and don't forget to introduce yourself to Geek Retreat!

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